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Thanks to the landscape and inestimable beauty of the area, we would like to leave a lasting impression and stay in touch with everyone who chooses us. We recommend a long visit of Macerata (the Sphaeristerium, Palazzi Nobili, Musei, its small squares and alleys), the Romanesque monasteries in the valley (Abbazia di Fiastra, Rambona, S. Claudio, S. Maria a Piè di Chienti, S. Maroto, S. Lorenzo in Dodolio, S. Vittore alle chiuse), the remains of Ancient Roman colonies, secondary roads and hamlets nestled at the top of each hill, the nature trails at the foot of the Sibillini mountains, countless events which invite visitors to return and savour other stories. The workshop-museum of weaving, Fonte Maggiore, Villa Ficana Ecological Museum, the Park of Villa Cozza and Villa Lauri.